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Author:  zia niazi
E-mail:  zianiazi786@hotmail.com
Date:  11/16/2007 6:26:08 AM
Subject:  Re: Tiger of Mianwali-Sher Afghan
Message:  He is a **** not a tiger and he is an ****.We Niazi are **** who select people like Sheir Afghan who dont know how to speak and how to lie.
You know people in UK and all over the World laugh at us because of that bayghrat and bazameer Sher Aghan.
We need to bring some wise and well educated people to assembly not like Lotay Sher Afghan and Rokri Group who are geting funds for people and spending and buying the coaches and building properties.
Please wont mind what did i say but that is true and it is hard to listen to true but ask your heart
Zia Khan From UK

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