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Author:  S.U.MALIK
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Date:  12/21/2007 12:44:31 AM
Subject:  Re: Tiger of Mianwali-Sher Afghan
Message:  Mianwalio, please now wake up. We are sick of these old rotten stuff like Dr. Sher Afghan & Rokri Group who have neither any destiny nor any prinicpal in politics except their keen desire for KURSI or lust of power on the cost of these poor peoples. PML(Q) is symbol of hate for all over Pakistan and soon we will bury them with their masters at GHQ, so be realistic, People all around Pakistan cursed us for un-civilized/non-domoratic behaviour of these Monsters especially the stances taken by Dr. Sher Afghan for the cuase of UNIFORM or unconstitutual President whose days are numbered.8th January, 2008 would be the day of judgement for the cowvered politician so please please come out of BRADARI system and see the big picture your vote is very costly do'nt waste it and stand up for the just cause of true democracy and prosperty of Mianwali and do'nt let it hapen again & again.This is last wake call for all of us.....

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